Spotlight: Piwakawaka

Published on Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 2:12 a.m. Print Article

Piwi are a bunch of super star children. We are learning all about each other at the moment. Here some of the things we like to do at school.

  • We like our scooters and they go fast. They are cool scooters. - Oscar
  • We like playing on the bikes. I can do wheelies on them. - George
  • I like doing jumps on my scooter. It is fun. - Tyler
  • I like painting at school. I put a love heart on my mouth. - Mia
  • I love riding my racing car bike at school. I went round on the track on it. It is really fun. - Noah
  • I love going fast on my scooter and doing jumps. - Elias
  • I love playing on the trampoline. I like jumping. - Kate
  • I like doing forward flips on the trampoline, it is really fun. - Quentin
  • I like racing on my scooter and jumping high. - Jack
  • I like playing on the bikes and it is so fun. I go round the wobbly track. - Jaxs
  • I love playing on my scooter. I love jumping. - Faolan
  • I love playing with the dinosaurs. I play with Illia. - Monty
  • I play with Monty and the dinosaurs. - Illia