Published on Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 4:46 p.m. Print Article

Although the school is always full of helpers, experience tells us that it is often the same small group of people doing all the volunteer work, responding to surveys, or attending meetings... Parents, teachers and most importantly, children are missing out!
Here are some ways to get started using your skills and resources to help our school.
Join the team... The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides outstanding support for the children, teachers and families of Hororata Primary School. Our school relies heavily upon the P.T.A to supplement the school’s annual funding entitlement. Being a part of PTA not only contributes to our school, but also helps to connect you with other parents and community members.
Share your time and your talents... Teachers often need parent volunteers to help with small group activities, reading to children or working with children during writing or at the computer. Do you have the time to work alongside our teachers to make a difference in the education of our children?
Get out your green thumb... Have you noticed that the school grounds could use some work? Talk to the principal about supplementing the great work undertaken by our grounds- person around the school. A little digging here and a little weeding there will make a big difference everywhere!
Get on board ... Attend a Board meeting and get an insight into how the school board makes decisions that affect our school. Learn more about the challenges and rewards associated with being on the Board of Trustees.