Principal's Blog March 2020

Published on Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 3:09 p.m. Print Article

Kia ora Koutou

Quote of the week ‘Resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems’ - Gever Tulley

Active Culture…Our Active Culture promotes positive and responsible attitudes towards personal health and well-being.

  •  Hororata/Greendale Swimming Sports… The Hororata/Greendale Swimming Sports were held on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at the Darfield Community Pool. Once again we were joined by Greendale School, to boost our numbers and provide some valuable competition. The following children achieved notable success in the Competitive section (lengths):  Freestyle (1 length): Year 4 & Under - Isabel Abraham (1st), Lilly Oliver-Albon (3rd), Jono Irving (3rd), Isaac McCorkindale (2nd); Year 6 - Leithan Parker (1st). Freestyle (2 Lengths): Year 5 - Fletcher Thwaites (1st), Luke Oliver-Albon (2nd); Shelby Miller (1st), Mackenzie Rowlands (2nd); Year 6 - Sam Smith (1st). Backstroke (1 length): Year 4 & Under - Jono Irving (1st); Backstroke (2 lengths): Year 5 - Fletcher Thwaites (1st), Shelby Miller (1st), Mackenzie Rowlands (2nd); Year 6 - Sam Smith (1st). Breaststroke (1 length): Year 5 - Isaac McCorkindale (2nd); Year 6 - Leithan Parker (2nd). Breaststroke (2 lengths): Year 5 - Luke Oliver-Albon (1st), Fletcher Thwaites (2nd), Shelby Miller (1st), Mackenzie Rowlands (2nd); Year 6 - Sam Smith (1st). Relays: Whero (1st), Kowhai (2nd), Kakariki (3rd), Kahurangi (4th)Underwater Plunge: Sam Smith (1st). The following students were selected to represent our school at the Malvern Swimming Sports to be held at the Selwyn Aquatics Centre on Tuesday 17 March 2020:  Lilly Oliver-Albon, Jono Irving, Fletcher Thwaites, Luke Oliver-Albon, Isaac McCorkindale, Mackenzie Rowlands, Shelby Miller, Sam Smith, Leithan Parker. (Postponed due to COVID-19)
  • Canterbury Hockey… This year we have entered into a three year agreement with Canterbury Hockey to provide ongoing coaching and development for our students and staff in Hockey.  We are currently in the middle of a four week coaching block, delivered on Wednesday afternoon during at all levels of the schools. 

Learning Culture… Our Learning Culture encourages our children to encourage our children to ‘Think outside the box’; to use flexibility, creativity, innovation, and social intelligence to solve every day problems.

  • You’ve got the Power… Hororata students joined with their peers from Greendale in March, to enjoy a performance by Elgregoe (Greg Britt). Using Tricks, ventriloquism, puppets, parrots, songs, poems, amazing illusions, children enjoyed a brilliant show teaching positive behaviour and actions, with a strong stop bullying message. 
  • Back to the Future… As advised previously, this year is a very special year for Hororata Primary School, as it marks our 150th birthday.  Sadly, the Jubilee Celebrations planned for this weekend at our school, have had to be postponed until further notice due to the developing situation with COVID-19. As a consequence of the postponement of the Jubilee Celebrations, the school’s Autumn Festival, which was to be the curtain raiser for the Jubilee weekend has also been postponed until the end of this term.  In its absence the school will be visiting Cotons Cottage on Friday morning. The Cottage is a small historic cob cottage built in 1864, only a stone’s throw away from the school.  The cottage also doubles as a museum depicting early life around the time our school first opened in 1870. Classes will be travelling to Cotons Cottage by foot and will be visiting at the following times: Kea (0930 - 1015hrs); Kakapo (1015 - 1100hrs); Piwakawaka (1145 - 1230hrs).  Parents are most welcome to join us on this little expedition.

Finally, for the observant amongst us, the school grounds are changing each day.  The demolition of the old weatherboard block at the front of the school is all but complete; the new flagpole is in place for future celebrations; the renovation of the school pool has begun and the plans for the fabulous new classroom block are proudly displayed on the walls of my office.

I would like to thank the awesome group of mums and dads who popped in last Friday afternoon to help at the working-bee.  Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and have been focus of a few good comments about how great the school looks… thank you!  

Ngā mihi nui

Marty Gameson (Principal - Tumuaki)