Principal's Blog March 2019

Published on Tuesday, 26 March 2019, 12:13 p.m. Print Article

Kia ora Koutou
Quote of the week… ‘Persistence and resilience only come
from having been given the chance to work through difficult
problems’ - Gever Tulley
Active Culture…
Our Active Culture promotes positive and responsible attitudes to personal
health and well-being.
Hororata/Greendale Swimming Sports…
The Hororata/Greendale
Swimming Sports were held on Wednesday 6 March 2019. Once again we
were joined by Greendale School, to boost our numbers and provide some
valuable competition. The following children achieved notable success in the
Competitive section (lengths): Freestyle (1 length): Year 4 & Under -
Fletcher Thwaites (1st), Isaac McCorkindale (2nd), Shelby Miller (1st),
Mackenzie Rowlands (2nd); Year 5 - Leithan Parker (1st); Year 6 - Brodie Hey
(1st), Seth Wright (2nd), Josh Tuer (3rd). Freestyle (2 Lengths): Year 4 &
Under - Luke Oliver-Albon (1st), Billie Williamson (2nd); Year 5 - Sam Smith
(1st), Isaac Williamson (2nd); Year 6 - Toby Thwaites (1st), Dustin Rowlands
(2nd), Tia-Lee Miller (1st), Poppy Freeman (2nd). Backstroke (1 length): Year 4
& Under - Fletcher Thwaites (2nd), Shelby Miller (1st), Mackenzie Rowlands
(3rd); Year 6 - Josh Tuer (1st), Brodie Hey (2nd), Seth Wright (3rd). Backstroke
(2 lengths): Year 4 & Under - Billie Williamson (1st); Year 5 - Sam Smith (1st),
Isaac Williamson (3rd); Year 6 - Toby Thwaites (1st), Dustin Rowlands (2nd),
Poppy Freeman (1st). Breaststroke (1 length): Year 4 & Under - Fletcher
Thwaites (2nd), Shelby Miller (1st), Mackenzie Rowlands (3rd). Breaststroke (2
lengths): Year 4 & Under - Luke Oliver-Albon (1st), Year 5 - Sam Smith (1st),
Year 6 - Dustin Rowlands (1st), Toby Thwaites (2nd), Tia-Lee Miller (1st), Poppy
Freeman (2nd). Medley Open: Boys - Sam Smith (1st), Toby Thwaites (2nd),
Dustin Rowlands (3rd); Girls - Poppy Freeman (1st), Tia-Lee Miller (2nd).
Relays: Kowhai (1st), Kakariki (2nd), Whero (3rd), Kahurangi (4th). Underwater
Plunge: Poppy Freeman (1st), Sam Smith (2nd), Tia-Lee Miller (3rd).
Hororata Do-Athlon… The Hororata Do-Athlon was held at the school in
March . The following children achieved notable success: Boys: Yr 1 - George
Harris (1st), Elias Buechele (2nd), Noah Lensen (3rd); Yr 2 - Jake van der
Heyden (1st), Albie Anderson (2nd); Yr 3 – Boys Benson McCorkindale (1st),
Jono Irving (2nd), C J Galvo (3rd); Yr 4 - Fletcher Thwaites (1st), Jimmy
Hussey (2nd), Isaac Williamson (3rd); Yr 5 - Leithan Parker (1st), Isaac
Williamson (2nd), Hunter Kennedy (3rd); Yr 6 - Robert Harris (1st), Levi Docherty
(2nd), Brodie Hey (3rd). Girls: Yr 2 - Indi Chloe-Hobson (1st), Ava Gamlath (2nd),
Amelie Inch (3rd); Yr 3 - Billie Williamson (1st), Lilly Oliver-Albon (2nd); Yr 4 -
Shelby Miller (1st), Rianna Alinar (2nd); Yr 6 - Tia-Lee Miller (1st), Poppy
Freeman (2nd), Emily Breading (3rd)… congratulations to all 39 competitors!
Learning Culture…
Our Learning Culture encourages us ‘Think outside the box’; to use
flexibility, creativity, innovation, and social intelligence.
School Bus Safety… All School Bus Monitors participated in a Bus Safety
session, facilitated by Rick Groen (NZ Police Education Officer) in early March.
The purpose of the session was to revisit our bus safety rules, talk about safe
behaviour in and around school buses, and practice a bus evacuation drill.
You’ve got the Power… Hororata students joined with their peers from
Greendale and Windwhistle Schools in March, to enjoy a performance by
Elgregoe (Greg Britt). Using Tricks, ventriloquism, puppets, parrots, songs,
poems, amazing illusions, children enjoyed a brilliant show teaching positive
behaviour and actions, with a strong stop bullying message.
Haere mai… I would like to welcome Mason (Piwi), Daria Gullery (Kakapo)
and Frances (Fran) Poultney to our school. I am confident that your time at
Hororata will be both enjoyable and rewarding.
Finally, recent events in Canterbury have tested our resilience at a personal
and community level. Experience has taught us that after traumatic events,
feelings may arise in members of our community that can confuse and frighten
them and lead them to feel unsafe or worry about their loved-ones and friends.
We have learned from past experience that even when we are not directly
affected by an incident, that such events can trigger memories from the past
which leave us a little fragile and worried. Unfortunately emotions don’t come
out with an instruction book and everyone deals with change, loss and grief in
different ways.
The challenge we all face is being tolerant and accepting of
others while they take the time necessary to work through their feelings.
Our primary focus moving forward from recent events, is looking after
ourselves, so that we are able to help others to recover well from their
experiences. We understand that being close to family in these times is
important for some and remind parents that our doors are always open and
you are welcome to come in at any time, be it simply for a chat or to help out in
the classrooms.
Ngā mihi nui
Marty Gameson (Principal - Tumuaki)